Allied Health and NDIS practitioners require many tools to ensure they provide the highest level of care to the community. When you’re a busy practitioner, your time is of the essence, therefore, an efficient, yet user-friendly program might just be that extra tool you are looking for. Sounds too good to be true? We may have the solution for you.

What is Splose?

Splose is a specialised Allied Health and NDIS Practice Management program. It allows you to create patient files and track appointments, to batch invoicing, budget monitoring, creating Service Agreements and more. Splose also integrates directly with Xero and other online claiming systems, offering simplicity, and reducing required admin time.

What does Splose offer?

Splose is a subscription based, online software, which allows your team to seamlessly work in real time, from anywhere across the country. This allows Clinics to access all patient files, make and change appointments, issue forms for signing, and process accounts easily.

As a program that is purposefully built for Allied Health and NDIS practitioners, it provides tracking abilities for most of the finer details that as an AHP, you can sometimes find time consuming, like tracking budgets for each individual clients’ Service Agreements and even Travel. Splose also provides Case Alerts to be sent directly to the selected Practitioner or Admin, this can help reduce lapsed agreements and aged debts.

Splose provides many Report options in one place for Aged Debtors, Un-Invoiced Appointments, and even Incomplete Forms, creating easy reporting in many areas that we find can be fine-tuned with a well selected Software.

For a virtual environment, and clinics that offer a high amount of Video/Telehealth, Sploses’ integration with Zoom and Teams Chat, also makes generating these video links nice and simple, at 1 click of the mouse.

Is Splose right for my Clinic?

Splose is a well evolving Allied Health Software, that is simple to use and helps you manage all of your requirements in one place. If you are looking for a program that is tailor-made to an Allied Health environment, with Integrations with Stripe, Xero, Medicare, Tyro to name a few, Splose is worth looking into.

Splose offers a 14-Day Trial which the entire team can use during this time and cancel anytime, take a look today!