Super-Mum. An endearing term, which can (like most things in life) boost you up, or, just as quickly send you crashing down.

I have been there. The mum who has appeared to have it all under control. I was working full time, splitting my time between working at home with young children, and working in the office – by travelling up to 4 hours a day, for 3 days a week. On top of that, I was desperately trying to keep my personal life in order. It is an exhausting façade to keep up! I became the master of deception; letting people see only what I was willing to show so as not to let them see the truth – I was a mess.

Every aspect of my world was suffering; my work and professional relationships, personal relationships (including those with my children), friendships and everything that goes into running a home. I used each task as an excuse as to why another hadn’t been done.

Realising I was not coping was a hard truth to face, I had most people fooled. I had been told that I am a super-mum for juggling everything. I eventually faced reality and asked for professional help. I was able to understand what helps me in day-to-day life to manage my priorities, for me it is writing a list. On tougher days, my list will include menial tasks like putting on washing and doing the dishes.

Working solely from home is fairly new to me, I am so grateful that I can, and am so happy to say it has had such a positive impact on my life. As we all know, each day brings with it a new set of challenges – every day is a balancing act with work, the kids and life in general.

I think it is important when life gets too full on, to step back, take a breath and make a cup of coffee to tackle the moment head on.

By Sally Muller