With 2020 now behind us and 2021 ahead of us it is time to take stock of our goals for the year ahead.  

While taking time out this festive season with family and friends I took time the time to ponder and pull together my goals for 2021.  

I’m not normally one to set goals for myself either in my personal life or as a business owner before now.  This in part is due to my belief that what will be will be and highs and lows will happen in my business and personal life and together with my husband and family I can get past it.  

What 2020 taught me was that it is now time to set myself some goals for my business in 2021 and also my personal life.  

I think I can speak for many business owners no matter their profession that 2020 made many of us take a step back, take stock of our businesses and reclaim some of our personal space and family life.  I know for me, already working from home before COVID hit Australia that I was well equipped to conduct my business virtually but for many of our clients at Allied Health Admin Services this was not the case and they along with their teams had to quickly put new policies and procedures in place and become familiar with new systems that they had not generally used in their therapy clinics for therapy appointments.

This was probably one of the biggest hurdles for our Allied Health space.  For those who have children and were forced to home school as well as run their business or continue to work through virtually, this showed for many how little time we actually spend on ourselves and with our families and how much time we spend on our businesses and helping our clients.   

Over the COVID lockdown and post lockdown periods we have seen a steady stream of Allied Health business owners reach out to us all with the same new insights into their lives.   These business owners were realising that they needed to free up their time more and bring us into their businesses to complete the administration side of their businesses so they could a) spend more time treating their clients (doing what they love and what they are trained and not what they are not) and opening up their waitlists and b) spend more time with family and friends.

It has been while assisting these businesses that I too realised that I need to set some boundaries and goals for 2021. 

I now have one key goal that I am striving for in 2021 and a few other smaller ones thrown in there to top my 2021 business goals off. 

In my personal life, well, I have declared to spend more time with my family, maintain good health and again complete the Big Heart Hike here in my hometown of Forster.  This is an annual walk of around 28km that my husband has completed since it’s first year in 2015 and myself the last 2 years.  

I would love to hear your business and personal goals for 2021, feel free to leave a comment below.