With the rollout of PACE imminent it is timely to ensure you have your invoicing template in order. 

Over the last couple of months, we have seen an increase in delayed payments by Plan Managers and when investigated, it is related to insufficient data, incorrect data, or incorrect formatting of provider invoices. 

Today, we give you four simple tips that will help speed up your payments:

  1. It’s essential to include both the participant’s name and participant’s NDIS number on your invoice.  This is especially important when using Plan Manager portals as this is often the identifier within their portals. When sending invoices via email, you should include two identifiers, such as the participant’s name and NDIS number or the participant’s name and D.O.B. or address. 
  2. If the Plan Manager has a provider portal, it is likely you will be paid quicker when submitting via there.  If there are errors or discrepancies, you will receive alerts on the portal advising this, whereas you may not receive these in a timely manner to your inbox.
  3. Ensure you have the correct email address for invoices.  Often participant may not have the correct details and provide you with incorrect information.  This can lead to delays in being paid for services.
  4. PDF attachments when emailing.  Most plan managers will require an attached PDF when receiving invoices via email.  This will ensure it meets the requirements from the receiver’s end. 

TIP: If your accounting software sends your invoice as a link in an email, it will likely offer the option of a PDF attachment—be sure to select that option!

These are by no means the only tips to ensure you will be paid faster but they are a good start. 

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