Feeling confident in the workplace can be a challenge for many people. In order to build self confidence and excel in your career, it is important to take inventory of how you are viewed by others, identify areas of improvement, set achievable goals and focus on personal development initiatives. It’s also important to remember that confidence doesn’t happen overnight – it requires hard work, dedication and practice.

Begin by taking a look at how you are perceived by peers, colleagues and superiors. Are they impressed with your work ethic? Do they consider you reliable? Taking stock of these relationships can help you better understand what areas may need improvement.

Once you have identified areas of improvement, set achievable goals and start working toward them. This could include taking classes or seminars on relevant topics, reading industry publications or joining professional organizations where experts in the field congregate.

Personal development initiatives like mindfulness exercises can also be helpful in building self confidence in the workplace. Research has shown that activities such as meditation and journaling can help create clarity, reduce stress levels and increase focus which all impact our level of confidence day-to-day.

Building self-confidence takes time but with patience, determination and hard work results will come. By taking an honest assessment of yourself and implementing practical steps for improvement you can begin to feel more confident both inside and outside the office.