Building and maintaining client relationships is essential for any business. When done well, it can create a valuable connection between the company and its clients that can result in increased loyalty and more repeat purchases. Here are five key tips for creating and sustaining positive client relations:

1. Communication: Maintaining regular contact with your clients goes a long way towards showing them they are valued. Give accurate updates on projects, ask questions to gain feedback, and be transparent about potential changes or delays if needed.

2. Show appreciation: A simple “thank you” or accolade can go a long way to demonstrate recognition of the clients contribution and to make them feel appreciated. Include small gestures such as offering discounts or special offers that show your gratitude for their loyalty.

3. Listen carefully: Take time to acknowledge the individual needs of each person you’re dealing with so that you understand their unique circumstances which could help when making decisions or providing solutions. By genuinely listening to your clients, you’re showing them respect which will help build trust between both parties long-term.

4. Address concerns promptly: Quickly responding to client queries or concerns will show them that their input matters and reduces chances of dissatisfaction with the service offered. This includes dealing with any complaints immediately – it shows customers that you take their concerns seriously and value their opinion even in difficult situations.

5. Demonstrate value: Invest in creating resources such as tailored content pieces, product tutorials or helpful advice specifically designed to meet your clients needs which further contributes towards building strong relationships with your clients over time! 

By following these five tips for creating and sustaining good client relations, your business should be well placed to reap the rewards of happy clients who bring repeat and word of mouth business!