splose is an AI Practice Management Software that was created in 2018. Since then, splose has grown, with now 10,000+ Allied Health professionals using their system across the world. April has been a big month for splose, as they have announced their new brand, new website, new features and new app. Let’s unpack these changes and some of the new features..


splose and their marketing team have redesigned their look, and transformed with a new brand update. This was implemented through their logo, their social media platforms, as well as via their website and practice management systems. So current clients logging in will notice some changes to the look of their systems online. This was also rolled out via their app.



API beta: New Integration Opportunities

This new development allows for users to extract data from splose and build a powerful reporting system, enabling more insights and custom workflows. API (Application Programming Interface) connects different software platforms, allowing for streamlined communication between these channels. The beta version of splose API focuses on reporting and will be expanding over 2024 to enable endless integration, allowing businesses to customise their experience and maximise the potential of splose alongside other software tools they employ.

Automated Invoices

This advancement is set to streamline the process of following up on outstanding invoices, offering practices an efficient and simplified solution. This feature will allow users to automatically send invoice reminders directly to clients or third parties, therefore eliminating the need for additional software. This then ensures prompt follow-ups on unpaid invoices. The feature will allow flexibility in activating reminders at both the workspace or individual client level. This then allows practices to customise their debt management experience to meet their specific needs.

Client Intake

Not one, but two features have been added to assist with client intake to streamline the administration process.

  • Embedded Referral Forms: These forms allow you to create and place customised referral forms directly onto your practice’s websites. This integration means that all referrals submitted via the website platform can directly be populated within the splose system. 
  • Waitlist Screener: The waitlist screener acts as a control hub, allowing the team to efficiently screen, process and manage new referrals. All referrals will be located in one place, allowing for centralised processing to occur and the quick identification and prioritisation of new clients.
Next-Gen Progress Notes

The way you write progress notes is evolving with splose’s new Next-Gen editor, making note writing more flexible and efficient than ever before. Simply start with a forward slash (/) to access a range of possibilities and powerful features. These features include:

  • Table Functionality: Build comprehensive reports by allowing you to insert content blocks like checkboxes and dropdown options directly into tables.
  • Enhanced Formatting: Craft visually appealing and well-organised notes with improved heading options and the ability to insert signatures.
  • Drag and Drop Flexibility: Ability to insert drag and drop elements to structure your notes exactly how you want them.
New Integration – Physitrack

The integration of Physitrack with splose bridges the gap between client management and exercise prescription. Physitrack is a long standing exercise prescription software, and has a range of features to suit clinicians when developing exercise plans and programs. Integration into splose allows clinicians to link back programs to client files with ease and reduced the administrative burden.


For more information, head to https://www.splose.com to find out more!