Spring is here! The birds are chirping, warmer weather has arrived and we’ve all (hopefully!) got an extra pep in our step! Spring time often resonates with us as a fresh start or clean slate, which is why it’s the perfect opportunity to clean up, reorganise and in turn re-energise.

But spring cleaning isn’t just limited to that junk drawer in the kitchen (let’s be honest- we all have one!) or the pesky overflowing cupboard in the garage. Most of us spend the majority of our days on our computers, in our office space- and I don’t know about you, but for me; files, apps, bookmarks and emails can all accumulate quickly!

So why not give both your physical and digital workspace a revamp and bring some of that springtime joy into your 9-5 life!

Here’s some of our best tips to leave yourself feeling refreshed, energised and ready to achieve some great things for the remainder of the year!

  • Clean up your emails: This is a big one! These days, for most of us, emails are our main form of communication and they can either be our best friend (cue- organised chaos) or our worst enemy. Now’s a great time to create some folders to easily organise your Inbox, set up “tags” if your system allows it (I love a good colour-coded system!) and archive old/unnecessary emails. Thank me later, when you feel the bliss of the illusive organised Inbox, or even better “0 Unread Messages”!
  • Clean up your Bookmarks (or if you don’t already have them, set some up!): One of the biggest time savers in my day is to use Bookmarks/Shortcuts in my internet browser. They sure can add up over time though! This is a great time to go through and reorder them so you can have the ones you need most at your fingertips, ready to click. Most browsers also allow you to set up folders/categories for your Bookmarks- which can be a game changer!
  • Clean up your files: Time to clear up, pack files away into easy to reach filing systems and consider moving to a cloud based filing system if you haven’t already. For peace of mind, now’s also a good time to set up a backup system for your files (bonus- cloud based systems will eliminate the need for this!).
  • Clear off your Desktop: Bye bye overcrowded screens! Time to go through your Desktop with a fine tooth comb. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it in the past month- get rid of it. Or file it into a folder on your Desktop if you’re not ready to part with it just yet. Lastly, you look at your Desktop day-in-day out, so add a pic that brings you joy or gives you a sense of calmness.
  • Delete any unnecessary apps or programs: Once again, if you haven’t used it recently ask yourself; do I really need to keep this? Did I pay for it, or if it’s free can I easily redownload it if I ever need it again? The performance of your computer may even improve with a little trim!
  • Your physical workspace: Clean your mouse and keyboard (you wouldn’t believe the bacteria that can accumulate- yuk!). Clear off your desk and even think about going paperless if you can. If you can’t go paperless just yet, hit your local K-mart (I don’t know about you, but you don’t need to tell me twice! #KmartAddict) and organise it into trays. Clean out your drawers and organise them with dividers. You want to feel happy in the space you’re working in, so add some personal touches if you can- add a photo which makes you smile and plant if you haven’t already.

You wouldn’t believe the mental clarity you can achieve by putting these things in place for yourself- which will in turn make you feel happier and more productive. You’ll be feeling fresh and fabulous in no time! Be right back- I’m off to follow my own advice!!

By Rachael Atkinson