Being a successful business woman means much more than just the title. It is a journey that requires drive, determination and resilience. At the same time, it demands adaptability, agility, and being open to new ideas. Success requires embracing the challenge of change and continuously learning new skills. Here are my five key steps to becoming a successful businesswoman:

1. Develop a strategic mindset: Being a successful businesswoman starts with having the right mindset and attitude. Be prepared to take risks and make decisions based on research and data. Develop the ability to act confidently in the face of uncertainty and set long-term strategies that will lead towards success. 

2. Build relationships: Networking is incredibly important for building relationships in business, as it allows you to meet potential investors, customers and partners who can help you on your journey. Learn how to build trust with contacts by listening more than talking, being reliable and offering value in exchange for what you receive from others. Networking is quite new to me even after almost 6 years as a business owner.  I have always been that internal, keep to myself kind of business woman, but, after making 2022 a year for me to come out of my cocoon I am now allowing myself to network and be proud of myself and speak from the heart about things that I am knowledgeable in and feel passionate about.  

3. Become an expert: Generating positive results takes more than just ambition; it requires knowledge about the industry you’re in as well as skills related to finance, marketing or product development, depending on your role requirements. Keep up with trends relevant to your field so that you are always one step ahead of your competition – even if you don’t have all the answers yourself! This is something I have worked on for many years and even though I have been in the medical/ allied health industry now for over 25 years I am learning on a daily basis.  Sometimes, you might not agree with what you hear or learn in your field of expertise as you grow your wealth of knowledge but this is how you become a driven and successful business woman in your own right.  To me, establishing your own thoughts, opinions and justifications is what makes you an expert in your field.  This not to take away from the hands-on approach of medical professionals and their education that has led them to their profession. 

4. Believe in yourself: When starting out as a business woman, self-doubt might be hard to shake off – but try not to let it get in your way! To become successful, you have to be brave enough to take risks despite your fears or uncertainties; trust that things will work themselves out in time if you stay focused on your goals. 

5. Persevere: Being a successful business woman is no easy feat – there will be plenty of obstacles along the way which can seem impossible at times! That’s why perseverance is crucial; pick yourself back up after every setback and use it as an opportunity for growth instead of letting it derail your progress completely!  Believe in yourself and why you are in business.  Believe that the knowledge and experience you have developed over the years is why you are the expert in your field, you are the reason you are invited to participate in industry podcasts, articles or presentations.  

These are my five steps for success as a business woman. Follow these or set yourself five steps for success and you will find yourself well on your way towards achieving professional greatness!

If you are an avid reader, we highly recommend the book Jen co-authored Courage and Confidence to also help with becoming a successful business woman and developing the right mindset and strategies for success.