Practice Management System Set-Up


Practice management software solutions and custom system setup

Are you finding that your practice management software is causing more problems than it’s solving, leaving you unsure if you’re getting the most from its features? Look no further than our team of specialised experts who have already helped numerous practices across Australia to streamline their administrative workflows.

Whether you’re a seasoned private practitioner or relatively new to the field, our goal is to deliver tangible improvements through a tailored practice management system setup. Our skilled experts will assess your needs, optimise your PMS features, and automate workflows for greater efficiency.

We specialise in Splose, iinsight (by BE Software) and Cliniko

We work with you to set up a customised practice management system to meet your specific needs. Our focus is on maximising the efficiency of your Practice Management System, to ease your administrative headaches and free up your time.

Take advantage of our commitment to providing exceptional service that boosts the productivity of your practice. Trust our expert team to unlock your PMS’s full potential, and help you simplify, streamline, and excel.

Streamline Your Practice, Supercharge Your Service: Discover the Allied Health Admin and Consulting Difference.

Splose and Cliniko setup – what is included:

  • User Creation: Easily establish user profiles for seamless access
  • Location Configuration: Define and manage multiple practice locations efficiently
  • Services Setup: Outline and organise the services your practice offers
  • SMS Settings: Customise and manage SMS notifications for your client communication
  • Appointment Templates: Automate your client communication experience to send emails and SMS to your clients
  • Form Templates: Create standardised forms to capture essential client information
  • Progress Notes Templates: Establish templates for consistent and comprehensive progress notes
  • Template Assignment: Assign templates to specific services for ease of use
  • Online Booking Integration: Customise your online bookings for your clients to schedule appointments conveniently online
  • Cancellation Reasons: Categorise reasons for appointment cancellations
  • Letter Templates: Craft professional and personalised letter templates for various purposes
  • Invoice and Payment Settings: Configure settings for efficient invoicing and payment processes

Iinsight (by BE Software) – what is included:

  • Management of Permissions for administrative and clinical staff
  • Create new client files in iinsight – migrating all data from current PMS (if required)
  • Requisition of data from your work email address to be uploaded to client files
  • Appropriation of data from your Cloud based storage to be added to client files
  • Identification and reconciliation of discrepancies across any documents collected so they are standard, correct and complete before moving forward
  • Creation of labelling system and both clinical note templates and document templates
  • Branding of documents
  • Invoicing templates and pro-forma emails setup, along with Funding Plan utilising data from current PMS to ensure that correct funding is allocated moving forward with iinsight for clients with existing plans.
  • Creation and expansion of appointment types and categories
  • Customised field utilisation: deleting unused, creating new, altering drop-down variables
  • Creation of multiple contacts in Companies with relevant data including role: eg: Support Coordinator
  • Connection of two-way Xero connection (if not already) including testing and troubleshooting


A unique proposal will be prepared for you following a free 30-minute Discovery Call with our team.